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The Kakapo Info Centre is overflowing with articles, interviews and downloads thanks to Kakapo and a range of industry experts who share their golden nuggets of advice and learnings. If you are investigating buying or selling a business, or simply looking to expand your knowledge of small and medium business in New Zealand, the Kakapo Info Centre is a great place to visit.


The Advantages of Buying an Existing Business

James Ashwin shares some of the most common advantages when it comes to purchasing an existing business.

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An Easy Guide to Finding the Perfect Business to Purchase

Rudy Kokx from Kakapo Business Sales in Northland shares his guide towards purchasing your perfect business.

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James Ashwin: 5 Tips of Highly Successful Business Owners

Owning a business is one thing, but what are the secrets to ensure ongoing and enduring success in business?

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5 Important questions to ask before investing into a business

Business ownership isn't for everyone. Kakapo Director James Ashwin shares 5 questions to ask prior to taking the leap of faith.

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Should you buy an independent business or a franchise?

Some will thrive as independent business owners, others are more likely to prosper as franchise owners, which are you?

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Industry News & Articles

Kakapo Chat 006. Nick Turner of Sal's Pizza

Sal's Franchisor Nick Turner reflects 10 years in business, growing pains of a franchise system and expansion into Australia.

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Kakapo Chat 005. Catherine van der Meulen

Business coach Catherine van der Meulens family business (Australasian fast-fashion brand Supré) sold to Cotton On in 2012.

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Kakapo Chat 004: Alex Peterson of Oxygen8

Alex is an industry leading business consultant who works alongside SME business owners to take things to the next level.

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Kakapo Chat 003: Mimi Gilmour of Burger Burger

James Ashwin caught up with inspirational BurgerBurger boss lady, Mimi Gilmour. Burger Burger is one of NZ's leading hospitality brands.

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Kakapo Chat 002: Philip Morrison. Franchise Accountants

This month we catch up with Philip Morrison, a business owner who also happens to be one of NZ's leading small/medium business accountants.

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Kakapo Chat 001: Hui & Connie of Melba Hillsborough

6 months into the new business, we check in with Hui & Connie, the proud owners of Melba Cafe in Hillsborough.

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You wouldn't sell your house like that, would you?

Geoff Hamilton from SME Financial shares the benefits and importance of consistent maintenance within your business.

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