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Rudy Kokx

Rudy has sold over $20,000,000 worth of businesses since 2012. Many of them in the Whangarei and Northland area, but also in Auckland and the Waikato.

You only have one chance to sell your business for the best price possible and in the shortest timeframe possible. Two things you can control in the business sales process; the price and marketing, but it is your broker who is going to make the difference. It doesn’t matter how big the company of your broker is, you need a broker who is dedicated to get you the best result in the shortest possible timeframe; Rudy has the best track record in Whangarei!

With a wide network in the Whangarei business community and a database of buyers that are ready to invest in a good business, Rudy has a proven track record with a high percentage of businesses sold within 3 to 4 months and businesses sold off-market; not just to locals, but also Aucklanders, returning expats and strategic buyers.

Nationwide off-market sales; There are options not to actively market your business and look for the right fit through alternative sales strategies. It ensures confidentiality within your industry and your local market. Talk to Rudy today!

Businesses sold in Whangarei and Northland include:
Engraving Systems, Kelly’s Automotive, Advanced Automatics, Aloha Motel (Paihia), Haruru Falls Resort (Bay of Islands), Pergola Roofing (now The Outdoor Room), Northland eBikes, Midas Automotive franchise, Dive HQ, Fastway Regional Master Franchise, Whangarei Chainsaws & Services, the Exceed franchise, Portstar Plastics (Ruawai), Action Fencing, Nectar Café and more….

What people say about Rudy:

Rudy found the perfect buyer for us — We were amazed at his instinct of who would be the “best fit”. We were offered a sale agreement within a month of listing — a fantastic result!
Terry & Gail Hickey Pergola Roofing Ltd, Whangarei (Seller)

You were my rock throughout all the ups and downs, and gave all the right support at the right time. More importantly, you never gave up on that sale process, you really were like a fox terrier chasing a possum up a tree!
Graeme Smith Benchtops Direct, Auckland (Seller)

Totally impressed with what Rudy achieved, he showed commitment, understanding and compassion and proved that he can get the job done.
Bruce and Julie Bain Advanced Automatics, Whangarei (Seller)

The support and guidance from Rudy made the process simple and stress free, a step by step process made this seemingly enormous task manageable and resulted in a quick sale at the right price.
Rose Baker, Engraving Systems Ltd, Whangarei (Seller)

He is also very good at doing things below the radar so that only those who need to know the business is for sale are in the know. He's like a hub in a giant purchasing wheel. His contacts are multi-dimensional - that is he will shoulder tap the most appropriate people, he doesn't just use the same old network each and every time.
Wayne Roycroft & Kate Hargis - Engraving Systems, Whangarei (buyers)

There was no hard sell, and I never felt pressured to go at a faster pace than I was comfortable with. His assistance in the conditional offer process and negotiating terms to get to the unconditional point was invaluable!
lan Smith, MODA Smart Kitchens, Auckland (Seller)

Rudy was upfront from day one, resetting our expectations around the process, the information required of any purchaser and the likely time frame involved. In short, I believe we were better prepared than most other companies for sale on the market at the time, as a result there were few unexpected questions during due-diligence.
Ryder Senior, Frogprints, Auckland (Seller)

We had no idea what type of business we wanted but knew that the lifestyle aspect was crucial to our decision. We looked at many businesses and then we met Rudy; he is positive, pro-active, professional and personable.
Gary & Mel Pepperell, Action Fencing Limited, Whangarei